Drumming Photos and Videos

A photo and video journey of the drumming of Hunter Pipp

I have been fortunate to have played with some extremely talented musicians at some great venues for some amazing and energetic fans. Thank you all for being a part of my musical experience. I have played at classic San Diego venues like House of Blues, Cricket Amphitheater (Now Sleep Train Amphitheater, someone did not think that through), The classic downtown: Casbah, Brick by Brick, Coyotes and many clubs throughout Southern California.  I have trained with Advanced Music Program of Rock, North County Drum and Percussion, and School of Rock. I have written over 30 original songs and recorded many of them, including a CD released in the summer of 2013.

Below are some fond memories of my drumming adventures.  In the form of drumming photos, videos and the memories of the fine people I have played with.

You are also invited to check out Chasing Norman’s debut album Cheif Gritts released summer of 2013 for a sample of some recent work or better yet, if you are in Southern California, come out and join us for a concert or jam session.  Dates and venues are on the ChasingNormanBand.com website. There are more drumming photos and videos there too.


Hunter Pipp

Drumming Videos

Below is a couple free form solo I did in early November 2013 messing around one Tuesday night…

Below is a solo I did in Mid 2012, again a free form…

This following clip is from a gig in Summer of 2011…

Love playing classic Zep, in tribute, here is Chasing Norman Band doing Dazed and Confused

Below are a few drumming photos from over the years.

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