Hunter Pipp: Drummer

Hunter Pipp - Drummer

Hunter Pipp, Drummer, in recording studio Jan 2013

Hey guys, I’m Hunter Pipp and this is a site about my drumming and a little about some adventures I’ve done.  I have been playing drums since I was ten years old, the majority of that time has been focused on rock and gospel.

I am hugely influenced by Mike Johnston, Jojo Mayer, Dave Grohl, Benny Greb and any rock drummers list wouldn’t be complete without John Bonham.

I have played in a few different bands and I am experienced with many different styles and genres of drumming. In addition to playing my standard drumkit, I also play steel drums and have been caught playing bass and keyboard here and there.

I teach at a school I founded called Carlsbad Drum Lessons.  That allows me a chance to share my passion and see the art from a different perspective.  I believe that as a drummer, being able to study, practice, perform and teach allows for greater growth and a fuller experience.

You can check out my drumming videos or see some info about me, my friends, family and adventures.
Hope you enjoy!


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