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Playing Gig w Chasing Norman

Playing Gig w Chasing Norman

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I Love Music!!

And I love working with other musicians.

I’m inspired by the uniqueness of each musician and the flavor each musician adds to their instruments and the collective act of creating new songs.  I love applying my drumming and other musical abilities to bring genuine talent to collaborative projects from rock to blues to jazz.
Besides teaching drums my primary focus is the band Chasing Norman where I have collaborated on over 30 original songs.

I’ve been drumming since I was about 10 years old. Drums were my passion through grade school and I am pursuing percussion in college. I never lost the passion of drumming; I found my own way to apply it is as a composer, freelance session drummer, drum instructor and band member.

I play traditional drum kit as well as steel drums and xylophone and enjoy alternative percussion instruments.  I also play keyboards and pick up a bass guitar on occasion.  I use many software programs including ProTools, Garage Band, and Cubase to mix and create mastered sounds that I hope will work magic on your ears.   A blend of creative vision, discipline, and bold technique are words fans often use to describe the work.

My goal is to be your go to person for session drumming, drum lessons, and percussion instruction. Having you choose me to teach you or your children drums and having me perform session drums for your recording sessions is what I live for.  It’s my honor to be the man serving your drumming needs.

Enjoy some of the music I have created with Chasing Norman, School of Rock and the MVHS Steel Drum Band. I hope to see you all at some of our concerts!

If you want to hear some of our latest work check out our CD “Chief Gritts” available at


Chasing Norman Summer 2013

Chasing Norman Back Stage with Jimi


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